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Dirty Dancing - The Classic Story On Stage (Singapore 2013)

Written by Eleanor Bergstein

Directed by Sarah Tipple

Cast: Gareth Bailey (Johnny Castle), Bryony Whitfield (Frances "Baby" Houseman), Mila De Biaggi (Penny Johnson), Mark Rayment (Dr Jake Houseman), Kate Normington (Mrs Houseman), Genna Galloway (Lisa Houseman), Rhys Williams (Neil Kellerman), and Kyle Grant (Billy Kostecki)

My favourite song - (I've Had) The Time Of My Life

After the watching the successfully adapted to the stage Legally Blonde: The Musical in Australia, I had high hopes and expectations of Dirty Dancing - The Classic Story On StageI kept waiting to be blown away by the musical adaptation of the Dirty Dancing film, but I waited in vain. 

With Legally Blonde: The Musical, script changes were made to suit the stage. With Dirty Dancing - The Classic Story On Stage, nothing much was different from the film. I think staying true to the film was the intention of the writer and it is understandable because the screenwriter for the film also wrote the script for the musical. 

What I liked about the musical was the dancing. However, because I am not a dancer, although I can see how difficult the moves are, I can't fully appreciate the difficulty of the moves. So while I liked the dancing, it didn't connect with it as much as my friend who enjoys dancing and attended the musical with me. 

I also found it interesting the way the landscape was projected on the white screen for scenes of Johnny and Baby learning how to balance and learning the lift. It was unexpected and relatively effective. The finale with Johnny and Baby performing the complete (I've Had) The Time Of My Life dance piece was the best part of the entire musical.  However, Genna Galloway's performance as Lisa Houseman comes a close second to being my favourite part of the musical. As per her role, she had to sing totally off key and dance horribly. And she did that so well that it was truly a wonderful hair-raising performance that I hate to love. 

Before the show... the view from Row EE

Unfortunately, that's all I enjoyed about the musical. Perhaps because it was opening night, but I felt that the sound levels for the second half of the musical was way too loud. When the singers were performing, I tried really hard not to put my finger in my ear so that it wouldn't hurt. That and the fact that during the first part of the second half, we could hearing construction going on outside. The drilling sound was really very distracting so thankfully it stopped after 10 to 15 minutes. 

Now let's talk numbers. Apparently a total of 49 songs were sung, 73 scene changes, which are lit by 200 moving lights, and a total of 21 costume changes for Baby alone. The first thing that bothered me about Dancing - The Classic Story On Stage was the scene changes. There were so many scene changes, I was having trouble keeping up with them. I understood the need to set the period and explain the situation of the time in the film, but I felt that all the exposition about Martin Luther King etc was very distracting and way too fleeting.

Also, although it is said that a total of 49 songs were sung, it feels as it there were more songs played rather than sung. I felt like I was watching a dance performance with some singing parts rather than a musical with choreographed dance moves. Okay, maybe it's because dancing isn't really my thing, but this musical really didn't do anything for me. Of all the musicals I've been to, it's my least favourite of all. 

But this is just me. Maybe you will like it better than I did. Find out for yourself. You still have time to do so. The musical will be playing at the Grand Theatre, Marina Bay Sands until 16 June.

In fact, I have 2 vouchers that will give you a 10% discount for A & B Reserve tickets on all performances except Friday & Sunday evenings that I can give away if you do want to go watch the musical. Let me know in a private message via my Entitled To Opinion Facebook page. While stocks last.... I only have 2. 

The Eclectic Reviewer thinks... Dirty Dancing - The Classic Story On Stage is my least favourite musical because I had been expecting to be blown away like I was with Legally Blonde: The Musical. I had high hopes and was thus greatly disappointed. Too many, and in my opinion, unnecessary scene changes made me dizzy and a little baffled which contributed to my inability to connect with the actors on stage. I was expecting further character development and back stories, instead, I got exactly what I would be able to obtain watching the film, save for the extra benefit of a live dance performance. (2 of 5)

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Flashpoint: Episode 1x07 - He Knows His Brother (2008)

Created by: Mark Ellis & Stephanie Morgenstern

Cast: Enrico Colantoni (1), Hugh Dillon (2), Amy Jo Johnson (3), Sergio Di Zio (4), David Paetkau (5), Michael Cram, and Mark Taylor.

Read about 'Attention Shoppers', the sixth episode of Flashpoint.

Episode 7 - He Knows His Brother

This episode is about brotherhood and brotherly love. I love this episode because you can finally see the change in Sam. 

At the start of the episode you still see the young punk who just joined the SRU, but by the end of the episode, you see him connect with another human beings and he even directly helped in saving someone's life. I also love that we see the close relationship between Lou and Spike, a bromance that really deserves more notice. 

The special brand of humour the team members share also makes me laugh out loud. 

I love this scene. Sam's still the same Sam Braddock
we knew for the past 6 episodes until...

Ed: Comfy there Sam-o?
Sam: Very comfortable Sir.  
Ed: Get you some more coffee? 
Sam: All good Sir, but thank you for asking.
Jules: What are you doing here anyway?
Wordy: Course you just have to bring it up.
Sam: Well Constable Callaghan, that would be because yesterday I got...
Lou & Spike: ... tightest grouping at both long range and short range firearm practice.
Sam: Meaning you get to do monthly clean up and I get to do this. Missed a spot there Ed.
Ed: Yeah whatever.
Jules: Actually what I meant is why are you down here? Why aren't you upstairs training, you know, at something dangerous and exciting.
(Sam suddenly sees something in the paper that makes him sit up straight)
Wordy: Sam everything okay.?
Sam: Yeah... I just gotta...
(Sam walks away while Ed and Jules goes over to see what affected him)

Ed: Boss how's the infrared comin'?
Greg: Chopper arrived?
Ed: Yeah, it's messing up my hair.
Greg: Better you than me. Infrared. I'm 2 minutes away Eddie.

Finding joy in the little things.
"Don't suppose they have an 'armed 18 year old' filter for that thing"

Ed: Gentlemen and lady. This is our forward looking infrared. Every dot is a heat signature, every heat signature could be our subject.
Wordy: Don't suppose they have an 'armed 18 year old' filter for that thing.
Ed: Afraid not. Quad by quad.

Lou: What's your problem?
Spike: Woods. My people don't like 'em.
Lou: Your people? From woodbridge?
Spike: No. Romans. Three times we fought in the forrest against the Huns. Didn't go so good okay. 

Sam: I never had a brother must be nice.
Simon: It kinda depends. When he shoots your dad and gets the cops coming after him not so much.
Sam: A lot of guys I know same thing. Out of control. They just needed a little guidance. They turned out okay.
Simon: Yeah?
Sam: Yeah. Sure. This one guy I knew, basic training, loud, dumb, fat. Everybody says this is the guy that ditches out in a week. We took bets and everything. 6 months later he was at the head of the grad parade. Wasn't a guy there who wouldn't follow him anywhere. I spent a week on a mountain side with him. He told me about his family. Believe me. I figured man, if you can get through that, you can get through anything. 
Simon: So he turned out okay?
Sam: Yeah. Sure he did.

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Safe Haven (2013)

Directed by Lasse Hallström (1)

Cast: Josh Duhamel (2), Julianne Hough (3), and Cobie Smulders (4)

(Watch the trailer)

My favourite quotes - "Are you staying or you just passing through or what's your story?""Look Katie, the great thing is, life is full of second chances", "Listen to me, I'm in love with you. I'm in love with you. And if you stay I promise... there's no safer place in the world than right here with me.", "Take a lot of pictures. You'll only regret the ones that you didn't take.", & "To the woman my husband loves. If you're reading this, then it must be true. He loves you, beyond a shadow of a doubt or else he wouldn't have given this to you. I can only hope that you feel the same way about him as he does about you. But I wanted to write this letter because I wanted you to know one very very important thing; I'm so glad he's found you. I only wish I could be there some how to meet you, and maybe in some ways I am. (Inside the envelope is also a photo of Jo and Josh) Outside of my husband and my two beautiful children, you are the most important person in the world to me. Because I am gone and they're yours now. You need to take care of them; make them laugh, hold them when they cry, stand up for them, and teach them wrong from right. The thought of you... it gives me hope; hope that Alex remembers what it feels like to be young and in love, hope that Josh finds somebody to fish with again, hope that Lexie has someone to help her on her wedding day. I hope that one day my family is whole again. But most of all hope that somehow I'm there with all of you, watching over all of you."

Jo: Look I, I moved out here, same as you, I think, to get some peace and quiet. So I get it if you...
Katie: Yeah. I like the fact that I can hear myself think.
Jo: Yes. Thank you. I mean, isn't it so nice to be away from all that noise and that chatter? I mean it can be a little deafening sometimes, so it is, it is nice to meet somebody as rustically inclined as I am. 
Katie: Okay.
Jo: Well it's nice to meet you.
Katie: Yeah you too.

I am in between with regards to how I feel about the city and the countryside. I love hustle and bustle of the city. It fascinates me. It helps that cities are oftentimes very convenient and easy to get around in. Perfect for travelers who like to walk from point to point. But I also hate crowds. Especially crowds that are rude and like to shove you around on the trains. 

I remember vividly, a time long ago, on a holiday with my family in New Zealand. I was a teenager, and I was going through a rough patch, I can't remember what about anymore. And for the first time on the trip, I had a room to myself. It was quiet. And tranquil. It was on the second floor and I was sitting at the bay window. Although it was chilly, I left the window open and I could feel the breeze and I could smell the ocean and taste the salty seawater even from where I was sitting. That kind of peace was a godsend. And just like that, I too fell in love with the quiet countryside. 

While I am not "rustically inclined" like Jo, I do enjoy the occasional escape into the peace and quiet of the countryside. Which explains why I really loved being in Santorini during the off peak winter season last year. And I think I'd want to have a bay window in my house, should I be able to afford a house in the future.

"Are you staying or you just passing through or what's your story?"
- Alex 

Everyone has a story, a past. What's yours? Littered throughout this blog, you've been privy to bits and pieces of my story and my character. So in some ways, this is a part journal, part review blog. When I watch an episode of my favourite television series I get transported into a new world, theirs. And I find meaning in their story. That is what I love about films and television series. That is what they're for, to show us a new world full of different possibilities.

Katie: You just become dark... like there's... the life is just sucked out of you. You just felt worthless. Like there's no point. And I just stuck up for him all the time. Cause it wasn't his fault, it was mine. Feel completely alone... 
Alex: It's okay. It's okay. You're okay now.
Katie: I never really talked about.
Alex: Well I'm so glad you're here.
Katie: I am too.
Alex: Everything's gonna be okay.
Katie: Yeah.

With Safe Haven, the most recent adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' books, the topic of domestic abuse and starting over is the focal point of the story. When I realised that Julianne Hough's character Katie (aka Erin in her old life) was being abused by her cop husband, it reminded me of the Flashpoint episode 'Asking For Flowers'. Is it that cops are more prone to dishing out domestic violence? Or is it just a plot point to up the stakes for the abused women in the show?

"Look Katie, the great thing is, life is full of second chances"
- Jo

Katie ran away to escape her husband's abusive ways. But it was also a chance to start afresh and to rebuild her life. Her second chance at living a full and happy life. It's the same with Josh Duhamel's Alex who lost his wife to cancer a few years back and has to raise his 2 young kids alone. So ultimately, it's a story about 2 lost or damaged souls who find their way towards each other and a better life. Hmm... sounds like a couple of Nicholas Sparks adaptation. It's a similar tale as found in The Lucky One, The Last Song, and Nights In Rodanthe.

Alex: I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... please just... just stay. 
Katie: No. You were right. I have to go. He's gonna find me. He's gonna find us. 
Alex: Whoa whoa whoa. Wait... Just tell me the truth, just tell me what happened. And if you're in trouble we can get the police involved. I can talk to Ray.
Katie: You don't understand Alex, he is the police. My husband's a cop in Boston. That's why he can do all that.
Alex: I don't care aright. I'm not going to let him hurt you anymore. I'm not gonna let him hurt you anymore.
Katie: It doesn't even matter. I can't put you through that. I can't put your family through that. He's always gonna be there. He doesn't quit.
Alex: Katie... Listen to me, I'm in love with you. I'm in love with you. And if you stay I promise... there's no safer place in the world than right here with me. 
Katie: I'm so scared.
Alex: I know you are. But you don't have to be. You don't have to be scared... I love you... please stay.

But this is what gives us hope. Hope that no matter how damaged or lost we are, we can find that special someone who will keep us safe and will brave the storm with us. I want someone like that. Someone who will make me feel safe and loved. Someone I can depend on. 

Safe Haven brings up 2 serious topics - abuse and recovering from the loss of a loved one. It's pretty cool the way Nicholas Sparks combines these 2 subjects through the characters of Katie and Alex. 

The only other show I've seen Julianne Hough in was the 2011 remake of Footloose. And I think she did a pretty descent job in Safe Haven as Katie. She was able to bring a certain depth to the character and I was with her throughout the whole film; through her fear, her apprehension, and gradually, her joy. 

With Josh Duhamel's performance as Alex, it was nothing I haven't seen before in his other films like Ramona And Beezus and Life As We Know It. He wasn't bad. He just didn't give me anything different from his previous performance which isn't so much a reflection of his acting abilities but perhaps the kind of roles he plays. 

However, of all of his performances in romantic comedies or dramas, I enjoyed his take of Alex in Safe Haven the most.

When I was younger, I declared that if possible I'd like to die before my husband does. Why? Because I'm selfish and don't want to live a lifetime alone without my partner. Maybe if I have children I'd find the strength to live on and not be a wreck. But now that I'm older, while I hope I am able to live on after my partner is gone, I hope if he does die before me, that he doesn't leave me too soon.

Katie: Does it get better... with time? 
Alex: Yeah... Yeah... Yeah, at first I tried to avoid every place that we went together. I tried to forget. I tried to put it behind me. I tried to... just look forward. But it just didn't work. And I realised that if I'm not thinking about her then who is. You know... and she didn't deserve that; she was an amazing woman and I loved her, and I want my children to know that. I want them to know her. So... I just... we're just keeping our heads down. Getting to play mum and dad, which is... interesting. Just trying to keep it all together really. But today with you, this is probably the first time that I've looked up.
Katie: It's a perfect day.

Although it's not the same, but after my breakups, I was like Alex, I avoided places we went to, and tried to forget every memory I have of him and when we were together. But that's denial. And denial will only cause all the hurt and pain to suddenly come back and bite you in the butt. 

And just after a breakup, I recall telling my friends that I feel as if I will never find someone as good as he is again. But that isn't always true. Yes, some people never find someone else as amazing as their one true love. But some do. And for some, the person that they meet next is even better than the person they were with before. Every person's story is different. 

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Bend It Like Beckham (2002)

Directed by Gurinder Chandha (1)

Cast: Parminder Nagra (2), Keira Knightley (3), Jonthan Rhys Meyers (4), and Archie Panjabi (5)

(Watch the trailer)

My favourite quotes - "Don't worry, Miss Bahmra. Our designs will make even these little mosquito bites look like juicy, juicy mangos!"
"Look, Jessie. You can't plan who you fall for. It just happens."

I've never been a fan of football. In fact, I'm more of an ice hockey kind of gal. But recently, I've been involved in a lot of football shows - the second season of MediaCorp's First XI (a football reality show) and weekly live S-League matches at Jalan Besar Stadium. So I've learnt to appreciate the game a little more. Which led me to re-watch the film Bend It Like Beckham

I'm Asian but I live in a western-influenced society. Do you know what that means? That means I am torn between my roots and my upbringing. Maybe not as much as Jess is in Bend It Like Beckham, but I can totally relate to her and her woes. My dad is quite a traditional guy, but my mum is more open minded. My dad loves watching Chinese and Hong Kong movies and Taiwanese soaps on television, while my mum would watch Hollywood blockbuster movies or any other English films on HBO or Star World. I grew up getting a very good mix of Asian culture and Western influence. But considering the fact that we speak English at home, I lean more towards the more modern western values and ideals.

Jess: I'm joining a girls team.
Mrs Bhamra: Huh?
Jess: They want me to play in proper matches. The coach said I could go far.
Mrs Bhamra: Go far? Go far to where? Jessie, we let you play all you wanted when you were younger. You've played enough. 
Jess: That's not fair. He selected me.
Mrs Bhamra: He? She said it was girls.
Jess: The coach Joe.
Mrs Bhamra: See how she lies. I don't want you running half naked in front of men huh. Look how dark you've become.
Jess: But mum! I'm really good.
Mrs Bhamra: What family will want a daughter-in-law who can run around kicking football all day but can't make round chapatis? Now exams are over, I want you to learn full Punjabi dinner. Meat and vegetarian.
Jess: But dad!
Mrs Bhamra: No! This is how you spoil her. No. This is how it started with your niece. The way that girl would answer back. And then running off to become a model wearing small small skirts.
Jess: Mum, she's a fashion designer.
Mrs Bhamra: She's divorced that's what she is. Cast off after 3 years of being married to a white boy with blue hair. Her poor mother. She hasn't been able to set foot in that temple since. I don't want this shame on my family. That's it! No more football.
Mr Bhamra: Jessie your mother is right. It's not nice. You must start behaving like a proper woman. Okay?

Thankfully my parents aren't as traditional as Jesminder's parents. But! I remember when I was in secondary school, I wanted to buy flannel shirts and jumpers to wear but my mum refused to buy them for me because she felt that it was too manly and as a girl I should only be wearing dresses and skirts. Which is ironic considering my colleagues call me Manly Monica or Gor these days. (See the post on the film She's The Man

So from a young age, I was already wearing heels and long flowing dresses and skirts. Now that I buy my own clothes, it's mostly t-shirts and jeans for me. 

"Oh it'll be your turn soon ah? Do you want a clean-shaven boy like your sister, or a proper Sikh with a full beard and turban?"

Thankfully, my parents aren't rushing me to the alter. But as I get older, I really dread facing questions during the Lunar New Year period on when I'm getting married. Especially since the only cousin older than me on my mum's side is married with a 1 year old kid, AND my younger cousin is getting hitched this August. I mean, you can't rush these things okay. Chill!

Jess: Joe! I'm going! They said I could go! (Joe and Jess hug each other tightly)
Men in Background: Oi, oi, oi! 
Jess: I'm sorry, I forgot. 
Joe: That's okay now. I'm not your coach anymore. We can do what we want. (Joe leans in to kiss Jess. Jess wants to, but pulls back)
Jess: Joe... 
Joe: (quickly pulls away) Your dad's not here is he? 
Jess: I'm sorry Joe. I can't. 
Joe: I thought you wanted... 
Jess: Letting me go is a really big step for my mum and dad. I don't know how they'd survive if I told them about you too. 
Joe: I guess there's not much point with you going to America anyway. Is there? (Jess shakes her head and they hug each other tightly)

My younger cousin is getting married in August, and her husband-to-be is a Caucasian. No, she's not Indian, but... she's muslin. So like Joe and Jess, it's an issue about race for my uncle and aunt. But on top of that, it's about religion as well. I don't know if her fiancé is converting to be with her, but my uncle did. He converted to Islam so that he could marry my aunt. He was a Catholic, and back in the day, my great grand parents were not just staunch Catholics, they were traditionalists too. But, that's buried in the past  and everything worked out well eventually. But still, it's something that I really admire about my uncle and aunt. Their willingness to face the displeasure of their families to be with one another is really inspiring. 

But of course, this is very telling of the difficulties one faces with regards to interracial marriages and relationships where religion and beliefs are affected. 

Mel: So are you like promised to someone then?

Jess: Nah no way. My sister's getting married soon. It's a love match.
Mel: What's that mean?
Jess: It's not arranged.
Hounslow Harrier Player 1: So, if you can choose does that mean you can marry a white boy?
Jess: White, no. Black, definitely not. A Muslin, eh-eh!
Jules: Guess you'll be marrying an Indian then.
Jess: Probably.
Mel. Sorry. I don't know how you Indian girls put up with it. 
Jess: It's just culture that's all. Better than sleeping around with boys you aren't going to marry. What's the point in that?
Hounslow Harrier Player 2: That's the best bit!
Hounslow Harrier Player 3: Yeah. You should know.

Directed by Gurinder Chadha who herself is married to a "white boy", Bend It Like Beckham is not the only film of hers to feature the theme of an arranged married vs a love match. In her next film Bride And Prejudice, also covers that topic and is my favourite film of hers. In fact, it was after watching  Bride And Prejudice that I noticed Grinder Chadha's work. Which resulted in me following her other films like The Mistress Of Spices and Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging.

But arranged marriages don't just occur in the Indian community. My dad's parents were also married as a result of an arranged marriage. However, I don't think such matches would work very well in modern times. In the past, divorce is a taboo. But now, people have increasingly romantic notions of true love, and the concept of staying together without love present in the relationship is rare. That is probably why people choose divorce over living with someone in a loveless relationship. Perhaps now, vows should include a clause - "I, _____, take you, _____, to be my lawfully wedded (husband/wife). To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part, or when we fall out of love with each other."

I've always felt that love isn't the only thing one needs to sustain a marriage. But loving your partner definitely helps make it a little easier to stay together and work through whatever issues you might face.

So when you find 'the one', hold on tight and fight for it. Even if its a kind of forbidden love.

Jess: Pinks, how do you know Teet's the one?

Pinky: I just know. When you're in love with someone, you'd do anything for that person.
Jess: Pinks, do you think mum and dad will still speak to me though if I brought home a gorah?
Pinky: Who?
Jess: No one. I'm just saying.
Pinky: It's that coach bloke isn't it. I knew something was up when he turned up here.
Jess: No, nothing's happened.
Pinky: Yeah, well you make sure that it doesn't alright! Look Jess, you can marry anyone you want. It's fine at first when you're in love and all that. But do you really want to be the one that everyone stares at. Every family do because you married the English bloke.
Jess: He's Irish.
Pinky: Yeah well they all look the bloody same to them isn't it. And anyway why go through so much grief when there's so many good looking Indian boys to marry. It's not like before you know. Now they wear good clothes, got flashy jobs, even know how to cook and wash up.

Joe and Jess have a lot working against them. Besides the issue of race, the fact that Joe is her coach makes it worse. I'm not very sure how old Joe is supposed to be in Bend It Like Beckham but I think that its really no big deal to date your own coach. Well, I think it's okay as long as both parties are mature enough to be able to set their priorities straight.

Jess: Why did you yell at me like that? You knew the ref was out of order!

Joe: Jess you could have cost us the tournament.
Jess: Well it wasn't my fault! You didn't have to shout at me.
Joe: Jess I am your coach, I have to treat you the same as everyone else. Look, Jess. I saw it. She fouled you. She tugged your shirt. You just overreacted, that's all. 
Jess: That's not all. She called me a Paki. But I guess you wouldn't understand what that feels like would you?
Joe: Jess, I'm Irish. Of course I understand what that feels like.

Truth be told I've dated my coach before. Thing is, our age difference isn't very great. He's only 2 years older than me! Mr 7 was my archery coach and we dated officially for a week but unofficially, things were muddy for quite a while. And after we broke up, my training began to suffer. Not because of him. It was because I couldn't stay focused. Archery is very much a mental sport. Yes you have opponents to compete against. But ultimately, it's just you, your bow and arrow, and the target board. It's all you. If you can't keep your focus on your breathing, your stance, your release, or your aim, you can't shoot well. And that's what happened. Instead of focusing on improving my form, my mind would wander. I would think about whether he was falling for another archer on the team, or whether this on-off on-off thing was real or not and many other things BUT my form. Eventually, I decided that being in close proximity of him was not doing me any good. And that's when I packed my bags and left for Australia. 

Don't get me wrong. I don't blame him. In fact, if it weren't for all this, I wouldn't have everything I have today. And I definitely wouldn't have learnt how to handle my emotions better. For 3 years I was a wreck. But damn it I let those 3 years go to waste and not learn something from it. And believe it or not, I'm still very good friends with him now. My friends who went through my ups and downs with me during those troubled 3 years would protest violently at my staying friends with him but I see no reason why I should end a friendship just because the relationship didn't work out. I'll explore more on this topic in the post on the film What's Your Number?, so look out for it. 

Joe: Look, I can't let you go without knowing. 
Jess: What? 
Joe: That even with the distance, and the concerns of your family, we might still have something. Don't you think? 

Jess: I'm back at Christmas. We'll tackle my mum and dad then.
Joe: Yeah.
Jess: I better go.
Joe: Okay.

Long distance relationships aren't easy. But they're not impossible. (See post on the film Like Crazy) I think the thing is to try to make it work. If you really do love someone, won't you do anything and everything to try and make things work out?

Same with a sport I guess. If you really love football like Jules and Jess, despite the odds, you're gonna make it happen.

Jess: It looks awful. That's why I can't wear shorts ever.
Joe: Jesus. That's a stunner. I thought I had a bad one on my knee but yours is gorgeous. Look, don't worry about it. No one's gonna care once you're out there. What happened?
Jess: You don't want to know.
Joe: Look. 2 operations later and it's still useless. Yours affect your game?
Jess: Nah it just looks awful. I was 8. My mum was working overtime at Heathrow. And I was trying to cook beans on toast. When I jumped up to the grill to get the toast, my trousers caught light so my sister put me in the bath, poured cold water over me and pulled them off. About half my skin came off too. 
Joe: Sorry. 
Jess: I know - put me off beans on toast for life. 

Joe: Come on. Mine stopped me from playing outright. Yours doesn't.

So why let a scar prevent you from playing football? Joe makes a very good point here. But what I really like about the scene above is Jess' humour. 

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Flashpoint: Episode 1x06 - Attention Shoppers (2008)

Created by: Mark Ellis & Stephanie Morgenstern

Cast: Enrico Colantoni (1), Hugh Dillon (2), Amy Jo Johnson (3), Sergio Di Zio (4), David Paetkau (5), Michael Cram, Mark Taylor, and Sarah Gadon (6)

Did you know? - Sarah Gadon was nominated for a Gemini Award for her role as Tasha Redford in this episode.

Read about 'Who's George?', the fifth episode of Flashpoint.

Episode 6 - Attention Shoppers

What does it take to push someone to want to commit suicide? The SRU doesn't just stop people threatening to hurt others, they also stop people from trying to harm themselves. 

This episode let's us see a different side of Jules and also does a great job of  juxtaposing the difference between the noisy and lively guys locker room with Jules' quiet and lonely locker room. It also drops more hints about the blossoming relationship between Sam and Jules. 

I really like what Jules says to the subject Tasha. Compared to the world Tasha lives in, it makes me feel like my world really isn't all that bad at all. And it's touching and very inspiring, to someone fight against all odds to keep her life together and doing the best she can. It makes me grateful for what I have and the people who care about me and love me. 

What would make you want to go out on a ledge like this?
I hope you never ever get to a point where you want to kill yourself.
I'm afraid of heights and just looking at this scene makes me nervous for her.

Even if you're strapped in with a safety rope, would you go out on a ledge?

This is why I'll never have the guts to go bungee jumping.
And the fact that members of the SRU would jump to save someone
else makes me admire their commitment and what they do.

Greg: You up to intervention?
Jules: Copy.
Greg: Okay. You're talking to a victim of an attempted rape. She was brutalised in retaliation for going to the cops. She's got no home support, but from what Luria says she was holding on. She was doing everything she could to keep her life together. Alright. And I'm here if you need me.
Jules: Tasha. My name is Jules. Tasha, you don't have to talk to me, but I would really it if you would. I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to help. I'm going to step closer so you can hear me better. I'm stepping closer. Good. So, thanks for not jumping. Are you thinking you might? (Tasha nods her head) Well I'm sorry to hear that. You know I've never seen somebody who's ready to die put up such an awesome fight to stay alive. Can you tell me what happened today? With those girls?
Tasha: Why don't you ask them?
(Jules attaches a safety rope to the railing)
Jules: They gave you quite a haircut didn't they.
(Jules steps onto the ledge with Tasha)
Tasha: I thought they were gonna kill me.
Jules: I know, I know. You were really scared weren't you.
Tasha: They think I lied to the cops about Brianna's boyfriend, about what he did to me.
Jules: But you didn't did you? You didn't. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

What To Expect When You're Expecting (2012)

Directed by Kirk Jones (1)

Cast: Cameron Diaz (2), Matthew Morrison (3), Jennifer Lopez (4), Rodrigo Santoro (5), Elizabeth Banks (6), Ben Falcone (7), Anna Kendrick (8), Chace Crawford (9), Brooklyn Decker (10), Dennis Quaid (11), Chris Rock (12), Thomas Lennon (13), Rob Huebel (14), Amir Talai (15), Rebel Wilson (16), Joe Manganiello (17)

(Watch the trailer)

My favourite quotes - "End of the day, family's all that matters. Not the races and the trophies and the endorsements. Not the money and the women, and the sex and the drugs, and partying with Jimmy Buffett at the back of Willie Nelson's bus. None of that means jack shit when I'm gone. But you guys, my kids, that's all we really leave behind.", "
There's no such thing as ready. You just jump on a moving train and try not to die.", "Dude, you're gonna be fine. You just got to get over your fear of babies. They can smell fear, like bears or wives.", "You just don't get it do you? We love being dads. When I was young, I used to think I was so happy. But now I know I'm happy. Exhausted, but happy. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.", & "You don't know true love until you wipe someone's butt."

Did You Know? - The film is based on a self-help book of the same name written by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel.

In the past month, whenever I could spare the time in between my own work commitments, I've been on an 'Emma' binge with posts like We Can Fly Away (Emma Townshend), Aquamarine (Emma Roberts), and The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (Emma Watson). My baby cousin Emma turns 1 month old today and my uncle held her 'man yue' celebration over the weekend. But we Chinese have a special way of celebrating a baby's one month (man yue) celebration. If you're confused, think of 'man yue' as a Chinese version of the Western baby shower. 

When a baby turns one month old, according to traditional Chinese customs, parents hold a party to celebrate the baby's first full moon (man yue). It is when both mother and baby are formally introduced after the end of the mother's confinement period. Part of the customs include the giving of red eggs and traditional cakes called ang ku kueh (a red glutinous cake with peanut fillings), shaving the baby's head (some people even shave off the baby's eyebrows), and selecting a Chinese name for the baby. Guest attending the celebrations give gifts of jewellery to baby girls and ang baos (red packets with money inside). If you want to know more about these interesting traditions, read about it here

Truth be told, this year has been a year of many babies. Well, for me at least. in the last 4 months, there has been so much talk of babies around me. 

Baby #1 - My friend and colleague, Gurmit, has a new baby girl named Mikeala (born February 26). Baby #2 - My little cousin Emma was born on 9th April. And Baby #3 will arrive any time now, in the month of May. Because another friend and colleague of mine, Alaric, is going to become a father to a baby boy. The baby's intended name starts with an 'E' too - Elijah. Actually, the name Elijah reminds me of the vampire featured in the television series The Vampire Diaries and new series The Originals. On top of that, I have a friend who is trying for a baby. 

So for months now I've been wanting to write about my thoughts on the film What To Expect When You're Expecting

What To Expect When You're Expecting was based on a pregnancy guide of the same name. I knew about the book even before the film was ever conceived because I used to work at the Children & Lifestyle department at the Kinokuniya in town so I know the book. I know it's cover and weight all too well actually. I had to shelve boxes and boxes of them! Needless to say, it was a very popular book for mums to be. So how does one turn a self-help book into a film with a storyline? Much like the film He's Just Not That Into You I guess - create an ensemble film. And with any ensemble film, you like some of the stories and characters but probably not all of them.

In What To Expect When You're Expecting, we encounter 5 couples with various concerns about having children and parenting. And it covers various possible scenarios. There's Wendy & Gary, a couple trying hard to get pregnant, and that story is tied in with the concept of step-families and parenting styles with Skyler & Ramsey. Then there's Rosie & MArco, a couple who get pregnant after a one night stand and, to add to that complicated mess, also go through a miscarriage. Also, there's Holly & Alex, a couple who adopt because they can't have kids. Which leads to my favourite characters in the film - The Dudes. And the film also talks about the concerns and issues a couple faces when expecting a baby through couple number 5 Jules & Evan. 

Elizabeth Banks and Ben Falcone as Wendy & Gary
Brooklyn Decker and Dennis Quaid as Skyler & Ramsey

Wendy: Ga!
(Wendy's iPhone app shows a flashing sign with the words "You are ovulating" with Tarzan-like sound effects)
Gary: Yeah?
Wendy: Ha!
Gary: Oh. Shoo...
Wendy: 2 minutes.
Gary: I gotta go.
Wendy: Honey.
Gary: Honey I gotta go. I got...
Wendy: Honey. 
(Wendy gives Gary a look and he relents)
Wendy: Janice!
Janice: Yeah?
Wendy: I'm taking Gary in the back.

Like Wendy & Gary, a friend of mine wants to start a family with her husband. Now Wendy & Gary have been at it for 2 years, but my friend and her husband haven't been trying very long. It's funny cos even before watching, What To Expect When You're Expecting, my friends and I have already been talking about how there are apps that tell you when you're ovulating. So seeing an app pop up in the film really tickled me. Plus, this early scene between Wendy and Gary tells us a lot of the dynamics of their relationship. 

Gary: Oooh... what do you got?
Wendy: Some wine, cheese and crackers, your favourite.
Gary: Oh that's a real treat. So what's the movie anyway?
Wendy: Dirty Dancing.
Gary: Oh... alright. That's a good one. 
Wendy: Um-hmm.
Gary: Yeah. Whoa... what are you...?
Wendy: I would like to propose a toast.
Gary: Okay... But you, you haven't had a drink in 2 years.
Wendy: I just... I think we should take a break from trying. Just be us for a while. 
Gary: Alright. I'll drink to that. Sure.
Wendy: To us. And if that doesn't work, we'll do 3 rounds of IVF. And if that doesn't work, we'll just adopt, which will be great cos I have no fears, genetic or otherwise. To us.
Gary: To not snuffing out the flame. 
Wendy: Okay.
Gary: Okay. What are you doing? Oh my God. You're gonna... Are you going to go for it? You're going for it. You did it. You just... You just... You crushed it. You crushed a glass of wine.
Wendy: Oh my God I'm wasted.
Gary: Yeah. I bet you are.
Wendy: It's so good. Why have I wasted 2 years not drinking this?

Another friend of mine went through a lot to get pregnant. And she would get really sad each month when she had her monthly period, it was proof that she wasn't pregnant, even though they were seeing a doctor about it. After a while, they stopped the treatments and surprise, surprise, they got pregnant! Just like Wendy & Gary. So perhaps the point is that even when you're trying hard to get pregnant, you mustn't forget to have fun and not make the process of trying for a baby such a chore. I guess there's a reason why there's having sex, and there's making love. 

Making a baby should be a product of love, maybe that's how the phrase 'making love' came about. 

So now you're pregnant. What next? Parenting. I think besides the thought of the pain of child birth, the thought of raising a child scares me to death. I don't need a film to put me off having kids, I'm already apprehensive. My friends tell me that I feel this way because I'm single and that when I find someone I want to spend the rest of my life me, I'd feel differently. Well tell that to Sandra Oh's Dr Cristina Yang from the television series Grey's Anatomy.

Ramsey: Just get it off your chest son.
Gary: I'm sick of competing with you okay.
Ramsey: That's it. Just keep going. I'm listening.
Gary: You named me Gary Cooper for Christ's sake.
Ramsey: Get it all out.
Gary: You're the reason that I got fat. You are the reason I got fat!
Ramsey: Whoa! Ouch. That hurts! Slow down. Stop. Really? I guess I've made kind of a shit-sandwich in the old dad department huh? I saw every episode of your 'Lose It' season and I have the whole thing on DVD, Blu Ray. And sometimes, I stay up at night and I watch it over and over again.
Gary: Really?
Ramsey: Yeah. This is hard for me. But there's something that I really want to tell you.
Gary: Okay dad.
Ramsey: Beat me home, we'll never have to race again.
Gary: God damn it! This is not good parenting! I'm gonna beat you! You're ridiculous!

Raising a child is no easy feat. When I see how spoilt and naughty some children can be and how their parents handle them, I really question their parenting abilities. Then I stop myself and try not to judge. Because what if one day, my kid becomes like theirs. I have a great fear of becoming a bad parent. A parent that will be judged by her child's bad behaviour. 

Is there a right or wrong way to raise your child? I don't know yet. Maybe when I've got grown kids of my own and they turn out okay I'd be able to comment on that question. But if I do marry and have kids, I am a firm believer of the phrase 'Spare the rod, spoil the child'. Although I have never been canned by my parents ever, and I think I turned out descent, I do feel that my parents didn't spoil me rotten. When my mum says 'No', no matter how many times you beg or try to get her to change her mind, 'No' means 'No'. 

Wendy: I'm sorry. I just... I didn't think about any of this stuff before I got pregnant. You know. I er... I just wanted the glow. The one that they promise you on the cover of those magazines with the pretty lady, looking down at her perfectly round belly with that sweet smile. Well... I'm calling it. I'm calling bullshit. I'm calling bullshit on the whole thing. Pregnancy sucks. Making a human being is really hard. I have no control over my body or my emotions. Care bear, I'm sorry. All I want to do is punch you in the face. But I love you so much so I don't mean it.
Gary: I love you too squeaks. You're doing great.
Wendy: I don't know about you. But I didn't get the glow. I just got back ache. And er... hemorrhoids. Have you ever seen those? Don't do it. Don't take the mirror down there. And then I have these purple stretch marks everywhere and pressure hanging from my uterus that makes me walk like I was kicked in the vag. I just...
Janice: Okay. Maybe it's time to stop there.
Wendy: Too far. 
Janice: That's the end.
Wendy: It's just I couldn't think of another way to describe it. 
Janice: That was really good. 
Wendy: So...
Janice: There we go.
Wendy: Thank you. They say when it's all over, you forget the whole thing. And I for one really hope that's true. (Wendy farts) Like that. I really hope I forget that.
Janice: Wendy Cooper everybody.

Before you go get pregnant, think long and hard whether a child is what you want. And whether you want to be responsible for raising a child. Because "making a human being is really hard". It's pretty amazing isn't it? How much a mother can endure to for her child. A lot of people think and worry about the pain of labour. But for some, labour pains isn't the only beating your body takes. As always, different people have different experiences with pregnancy. I guess Elizabeth Banks' Wendy Cooper got the short end of the stick. 

Wendy: OOHHHH.... GA... 
Gary: Yeah?
Wendy: I changed my mind. I want the epidural. I want it Ga.
Gary: No no honey.
Wendy: Yup.
Gary: No no no...
Wendy: Yes.
Gary: You said you didn't want it. And you said that even if you did ask for it that that would just be the crazy talking... 
(Wendy slaps him)
Gary: Oh....!
Wendy: Gary! Get me the juice.
Gary: That seemed a little crazy. I will get you the juice. Yeah.
Wendy: I need it Ga.
Gary: Yeah. Uh-huh.
Wendy: I'm sorry baby. Just don't come back without it okay.

During Emma's 'man yue' celebration, my aunts started talking about going into labour and whether they had a Caesarean or went for natural birth, or how long they were actually in labour for. Now that conversation freaked me out. I am now terrified of having kids. And I said so in front of them after hearing their stories. But my mum said that my brother and I were very easy births and only took 3 to 4 hours at most to come out. So she said I didn't have to worry because I'd be like her and have it easy. Well, when I have kids, I'll tell you if I agree on her theory or not. 

Maybe its because I don't have kids. But at the moment, while I want a family of my own, I'm not too sure about having kids right now. Maybe my friends are right, when I find someone I love, maybe I'd want to have kids. I mean, who doesn't want that glow right? 

"I finally found it. He's my glow. He's my perfect, perfect glow."

- Wendy Cooper

Elizabeth Banks was fantastic in this film! Although her character Wendy can be really grating on the nerves, Elizabeth Banks played her in a way that made her both intense yet rather adorable. And I love the chemistry between Elizabeth Banks and Ben Falcone. The characters Skyler & Ramsey really didn't make a big impression on me but I have to admit it was really fun watching Dennis Quaid play Ramsey. His cheeky and competitive streak was a little over the top, but still very fun to watch.

Jennifer Lopez and Rodrigo Santoro as Holly & Alex

Wendy & Gary were able to get pregnant eventually. But there are some couples who can't. And this subject is covered in the film as well. Meet Holly & Alex. 

Alex: You lost the one steady gig and you didn't even tell me? Are you kidding me?
Holly: I know. I'm sorry. I was just trying to get something else before you noticed.
Alex: Right.
Holly: So it'd be like 'Hey I got some new jobs' and not 'Holy shit! We can't afford our life'. You know I know you've been so worried about saving and the house...
Alex: Yeah, but we're in this together. Here I am, trying to get ready for something that's gonna be...
Holly: Oh my God! 
Alex: What?
Holly: I knew it! You... You're not even ready?
Alex: Look, I'm not like you okay. I can't just look at a picture and feel some magical bond. And you lying to me isn't helping.
Holly: Look, I know okay. 
Alex: Yeah.
Holly: I screwed up.
Alex: You did.
Holly: I just... I... I just couldn't handle another thing being my fault. Okay. I'm the one with the bad eggs. I'm the one who made us spend the 401k money on IVF. And I'm the one who can't do the one thing that a woman is supposed to be able to do.
Alex: Holly. Stop. Stop.
Holly: You don't even want this do you?
Alex: I never said that.
Holly: Not out loud.

From my friend's personal experience, I know that IVF isn't cheap. And it doesn't always work. But what if you really, really want kids. Actually, it's not that I never want to have kids, its just the thought of labour that really scares me to death. So maybe if I could afford it, I wouldn't mind adopting kids. But with adoption, I'm sure there's a whole different set of issues that one might face with adoption. 

Alex: That's the one thing you can count on with adoption right? Time. I need that time. To save. To get ready. 
Vic: There's no such thing as ready. You just jump on a moving train and try not to die.
Alex: Argh. Great.

I love what Vic, the leader of the Dudes, says to Alex as he freaks out about the adoption - that "There's no such thing as ready. You just jump on a moving train and try not to die." 

I've heard that the 9 months before the baby actually arrives gives the parents time to adjust to the big change that's about to happen in their lives. And the 9 months also gives both mother and father time to bond with the unborn child. Mothers feel their babies kick, and fathers watch as the product of their love grows inside the belly of their wives. So I guess Alex's meltdown is pretty understandable. 

But I think his fear stems from the fact that he doesn't know if he's gonna be a good father or how to be one. I too dislike the unknown. Uncertainty is not my thing. And not knowing what lies ahead makes me nervous. But that's life isn't it. There no sure thing in the world. Anything can happen. Just do the best you can. Love the best way you know how. 

Alex: It's not that I'm not ready. I'm just... I'm scared.
Holly: I know. Okay. I'm scared too. I don't know what the hell I'm doing. But we can be scared together. 
Alex: Yeah.
Holly: We just have to jump in. 
Alex: Right.
Holly: All in.
Alex: I know. I'm getting there. And I know I'm gonna love him cos I love the hell out of his mum. Let's go meet our son.
Holly: Okay.

Truthfully, the word 'adoption' always reminds me of Angelina Jolie. But she's not the only celebrity to adopt. Madonna, Sandra Bullock, Katherine Heigl, Jamie Lee Curtis, they've all adopted children as well.

Holly & Alex's storyline contains the film's most touching scene. When Holly finally meets and holds the baby she's always wanted, that scene made me a little weepy when I first watched the film. Jennifer Lopez really did a good job as Holly. In fact, in the film The Back-Up Plan, Jennifer Lopez also acted as a woman who really wanted a baby of her own. 

Anna Kendrick and Chace Crawford as Rosie & Marco

It's not that easy to get pregnant, ask Wendy & Gary, they'll tell you its not as easy as you think to get pregnant. And for some, like Holly & Alex, they can't have their own children and turn to adoption to become parents. But for Rosie & Marco, all it took was 1 night of unprotected sex. 

Firstly, I have to say that Anna Kendrick and Chace Crawford, in my opinion, is the best looking couple in What To Expect When You're Expecting. Okay, okay, Holly & Alex come really close as well but still, I like the pairing of Anna Kendrick and Chace Crawford more. I've only watched a few episodes of Gossip Girl and don't really know Chace Crawford's acting range. I didn't expect much, so I was very and pleasantly surprised by his performance in the film as Marco. Anna Kendrick, on the other hand, I've noticed for a while now. I loved her in the film Pitch Perfect and 50/50, so I was really looking forward to see how she'll hold her on in an ensemble piece. 

Marco: Hey! What do you think you're doing?
Rosie: There's a line if you want to order.
Marco: The only thing I'm ordering is for you to stop serving bacon. Okay. Pigs are turf.
Rosie: Oh my God. Your turf? 
Marco: Yeah.
Rosie: Is this West Side Story? Are we going to rumble at midnight?
Marco: You know what? Maybe I got a whole gang of backup dancers just ready to go.
Rosie: Oh wow!
Marco: Okay, you're the cheese truck, so stick to cheese.
Customer: Can I order now?
Marco: NO! Just give me one second please.
Rosie: That's funny. Cos I noticed that those jalapeño fritters that you guys are serving...
Marco: Are awesome right? They're my invention. I made them.
Rosie: They have ricotta cheese in them.
Marco: Oh come on. That's like a little bit of cheese. It's nothing compared to the bacon crutch you're propping these sandwiches up on.
Rosie: They're paninis. They're grilled peach and blue cheese paninis with a dash of bacon. Also awesome. Also my invention.
Marco: Alright you wanna go, let's go. Your special against my special. Whoever sells the most tonight wins.
Rosie: Fine.
Marco: Fine. Alright if I win, you have to have a drink with me. And if you win, you may have 3 drinks with me.
Rosie: That's cute. So you can stand me up again. No thank you.
Marco: That was like 5 years ago. But that's sweet that you still remember that. I'm, I'm impressed Rosie. I'll see you in the field alright.
Rosie: It doesn't keep me up nights!
Marco: Sure.

I could watch Anna Kendrick and Chace Crawford flirt all day. I really love the way we first meet their characters Rosie & Marco. But I digress. Now with Rosie & Marco, they're a young couple who have to deal with getting pregnant after a one night stand. They decide to stay together and see the pregnancy through and truth be told, its a pretty common tale. 

I know of quite a number of friends who got married because they had a baby on the way. When a child is the reason that brings 2 people together, it complicates things doesn't it? What To Expect When You're Expecting is a film about pregnancy, so I guess abortion is not an option. But with Rosie & Marco's storyline, it gives me the chance to think about the subject. As a Catholic I should be anti-abortion. However, if I were faced with the same situation Rosie & Marco are faced with in the film, I really wouldn't know what I'd do. 

I can say that I will keep the baby, but when it really happens will I really keep it? I don't know, and maybe I'll never know the answer to that question. But one thing's for sure, if you are faced with the exact same situation as Rosie & Marco, you really need to ask yourself the right questions. Marriage should be a lifetime commitment. And raising a child IS a lifetime commitment. Are you ready for marriage? Are you marrying for the right reasons? Are you ready to bring a life into this world and care for the child? Will you be a good parent to the child? These are very important questions. And you need to find the answers to these questions first before moving ahead with any decision.

Marco: Well erm... Okay... Are you sure you took the test right?
Rosie: You pee on a stick. It's idiot proof.
Marco: No I know. It's just... one time.
Rosie: Yup.
Marco: So... What do you want to do?
Rosie: I don't know. What do you want to do?
Marco: I don't know. I just found out. Okay. You're the girl, don't you get to decide?
Rosie: Great, great. So then it's all on me?
Marco: No I... No I didn't mean... Oh shit! Should we get married?
Rosie: Shit should we get married. Yeah... No it's just when you put it like that, that's...
Marco: Oh, I'm sorry Rosie well I'm just trying to do the right thing here. I didn't mean to..
Rosie: Then don't ask the wrong questions. I... just erm... forget that I said anything. Just forget it cos I'll figure it out. Like whatever it is, it's not your problem. So...
Marco: Rosie...
Rosie: It's fine. I have to get back to the truck anyway.

Rosie miscarries early in the pregnancy and she distances herself from Marco after she loses the baby. Truthfully, I feel that Rosie & Marco's story is not given enough weight for such a serious topic. And Rosie just saying 
"I'll have another chance when the time's right" as the resolution to their storyline really doesn't do it justice. But that's gonna always be the problem with ensemble pieces isn't it? The lack of time to do each storyline justice.  

Marco: If you want me to go, I'll go.
Rosie: What happened to your hand? 
Marco: Look, I just want you to know that I get it. I'll probably never really understand what you went through. But I don't want that to be the reason we're not together. Okay you were right. I never even took you out on a real date. But I want to. Er... made these for you. Caramels. Piece of shit double boiler. 
Rosie: I thought you said never again.
Marco: I made an exception.
Rosie: Urm... Marco the reason we're not together has nothing to do with the fact that we were gonna have a baby. It wouldn't have worked anyway.
Marco: That's bullshit Rosie. Give me one good reason.
Rosie: Okay... You don't have a car.
Marco: What? Says the girl with the duct taped Civic. Seriously?
Rosie: Okay fine it's not the car. You got me.
Marco: Well then what Rosie? What? Cos we were great.
Rosie: You know, you have the worst taste in girls. You go for the most obvious, least interesting chef groupies ever. What does it say about me if that's what you're into?
Marco: Well they can't all be you now can they?
Rosie: You want to know what it is?
Marco: Yeah.
Rosie: Every time I look at your face it kills me okay. Is that enough of a reason? Can we be done with this conversation please?
Marco: Well yeah. Can be done.
Rosie: Here. 
Marco: No. My caramels. Just keep them. Take them. 
Rosie: Fine.