Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I want to write for the rest of my life.

And with this statement, I have decided for myself that I will make it an effort to practice, practice, practice.

I browsed through quite a number of screenwriting blogs. Many of them belong to aspiring writers who live in USA. Those blogs often chronicle how tough it is to break into the market. And mind you, I live outside of the US. It's a small red dot on the world map called Singapore. So I'd say I have an even tougher road ahead. But, its a fact I cannot deny or take lightly any longer. Especially since I live on the small island of Singapore.

Breaking into Hollywood, be it in Television or Film right now seems like a dream not likely to become a reality. But the first step to reaching where I want to get to in terms of my writing career is to admit how tough the road ahead is going to be and determine how badly I want to get there.

It will be tough. I will be disappointed and I might even become a little depressed about the seemingly fruitless situation. But I have to keep believing that one day, I will reach that goal. My career goal. And this is my practice ground. A place to allow me to flex my creative muscles and writer's mind.

I enjoy film and television. I grew up watching Hollywood films, American Television series, Taiwanese idol dramas, and local Singapore Television dramas. Music is also something that I enjoy. I love listening to the soundtrack of a series or film. It vividly reminds me of the scenes I love from the film or series. As you can see, the common thread of where my interest lies is in two words - Film and Television. Under a broader umbrella, I'd say that I have an interest in entertainment and leisure.

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