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Flashpoint: Episode 1x04 - Asking For Flowers (2008)

Created by: Mark Ellis & Stephanie Morgenstern

Network: CTV

Cast: Enrico Colantoni (1), Hugh Dillon (2), Amy Jo Johnson (3), Sergio Di Zio (4), David Paetkau (5), Michael Cram, Mark Taylor, Chandra West (6), and Kenneth Mitchell (7)

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Episode 4 - Asking For Flowers

A seemingly relaxing patrol night turns into a hot call. It's Wordy we get to know a little better in this episode. And I love that he's a family man who is so willing to watch a chick flick for his wife and his girls. 

The case of the week often times tell us more about the main characters in the series. And our characters' own personal experience often aids them in their job. Like in episode 2, when Greg connects with a man looking out for his daughter. 

In this episode, Wordy spots a battered wife even without her saying anything because he's seen it happen before, and he knows the signs. Spousal abuse. This week's story is about a cop who beats his wife and covers his tracks by telling lies to everyone else about his wife and his sister-in-law. 

But I like that this episode shows us that even cops are not above the law and that the SRU cops follow the law to the letter, even if the perpetrator is a fellow cop. They don't cut corners; a reoccurring theme of the series as you watch on. It's not a great case, but it's a great character piece about Wordy with a little peek into the lives and personalities of the other team members.

I love the puzzled look on Spike's face. LOL!
(Wordy is watching Lady In Waiting at the SRU gym while he's running on the treadmill.)
Spike: You do! You've awoken my soul.
Greg: Wordy, this is the SRU, you can't be watching Lady In Waiting.
Wordy: It's a good movie. It's historical.
Ed: Wow!
Wordy: I got 4 women in my house alright. Anything that helps me get closer to Shelly and my girls, I'm there. If this is what they're watching, I want to know about it. We got no secrets. 
Greg: I think you need to shoot something.
Wordy: Well after you Siskel, you're the one who recognised the quote. Oh yeah!
Spike: Oh snap!
Greg: Hey, you know what? It's on friggin' Pay-Per-View every hour on the hour, alright? 
Wordy: Well, maybe you and I should sit down, watch it together. Compare favourite scenes. I can braid your hair. 
Spike: That's tricky business.
Wordy: Oh, not really. Do it for Allie all the time. She's got less hair than either of these two. 
Greg: Ow! It's okay. Bring it. Come on! 

And I love the camaraderie between the team members.
Greg: We got no calls yet, but tonight there's gonna be a full moon so... 
Sam: So? 
Greg: So full moons, they make people crazy, proven fact so... I'm gonna call tonight patrol night. 
Wordy: Alright. 
Spike: Whoo! 
Ed: Yes! 
Greg: Alright, do a little Team One PR, let the city know we're here, keep the bad guys on their toes. Yeah Spike? 
Spike: Club district? Me and Lou? What? There's all kinds of troubles there, all the time. 
Greg: Fine patrol happy hour, all those very threatening young women in tube tops, but just uh, button up. 
Spike: Sorry. 

Greg: Be good, look good. Jules, still representing the force. Eddie? Mr Wordsworth?
Ed: East end. Roving gangs and the families. Runaway strollers and what naught.
Greg: Um hmm. It's all yours. Sam? Jules?
Jules: We'll take west. I'm thinking chicken Rhode at Island Foods. 
Spike: Hey, we'll take west.
Jules: Uh uh. 
Greg: You got tube tops. 
Jules: Yeah.
Greg: Let's go keep the peace.

"Nothing. Water. Very loud water." 
Doing whatever it takes to connect with the subject.
Ed: You good to keep talking?
Greg: If I can get her on the phone. There's only so much I can do with this thing.
Ed: Alright, well they can still hear you.
Greg: Okay. Till we get a better plan, give me Louis as my second.
Ed: Fine, I'll take Sam. Louis you copy that.
Louis: Copy.
Ed: Alright Spike. I need ears on that boat. Get the parabolic mike. Sam I need a canister of non pyrotechnic CS ready to fire and you might be going for a swim. Boss, I need you to talk this thing down so we don't need to go on a boat ride.
Greg: You got both cell numbers?
Louis: Yup.
Greg: Alright, start dialling.

"I admit. I'm not the biggest fan of the water. I was raised in the desert."

I'll never get tired of saying this...
I love their budding romance and sizzling chemistry!
Spike: Dude, you can't swim in your gear.
Ed: Sam, I know it's a little unorthodox. No time for a wetsuit. You good to go?
Sam: Ready Freddy.
Ed: That side of the boat, hatch side of the cabin.
Sam: This isn't a rookie thing is it?
Ed: No Sir.
Sam: So much for patrol night.
Ed: Swimmer in the water. 2 minutes we'll have ears... but not exactly a fish.

A 'Wordy' episode.

My favourite quotes - "Don't be a victim, don't be a perpetrator, and above all, don't be a bystander.", "False alarm is my favourite kind of alarm.", "It's not like she's asking for the moon. You know. It's not like she's asking for flowers, or diamonds, or trips to Italy. She's just asking you to be nice.", & "You remind me of this girl, a girl from my neighbourhood growing up. She was smart, she was funny, she was beautiful. And then she got married real young, to this guy who beat the crap out of her. The thing about Shelley was that she's such a tough cookie, that it took us, I don't know, 2 years to figure it out. 2 years... before I realised why she wore turtle necks in the summer. Before I figured out why she's always looking so scared. 2 years before I could help her get out of that marriage, before anyone could help her get away. And you know what? If I'd been given half a chance, I would have killed him."

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(1) Enrico Colantoni has acted in films like Stigmata (1999), Galaxy Quest (1999), and Contagion (2011). He has also played Veronica Mars' father Keith Mars in the television series Veronica Mars (2004-2007), and he has also guest starred in television series like Law & Order, NYPD Blue, 3rd Rock From The Sun, Monk, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Numb3rs, Brothers & Sisters, Bones, and Person Of Interest.

(2) Hugh Dillon has acted in films like Lone Hero (2002), and Assault On Precinct 13 (2005).

(3) Amy Jo Johnson has acted in films like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995), and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997). She played the role of Pink Power Ranger Kimberly Hart in the television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993-1995), and as Julie Emrick in the series Felicity (1998-2002). She also guest starred in television series like ER and Spin City.

(4) Sergio Di Zio has acted in films like National Lampoon's Senior Trip (1995), and Just Buried (2007). 

(5) David Paetkau has acted in films like Final Destination 2 (2003), I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer (2006), Goon (2011), and Man Of Steel (2013). He has goest starred in television series like Smallville, Stargate SG-1, CSI: Miami, Supernatural, and Dexter.

(6) Chandra West has acted in films like White Noise (2005) and I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry (2007). She has also guest starred in television shows like Picket Fences, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Jack & Jill, NYPD Blue, 90210, Monk, Cold Case, Castle, The Gates, and Private Practice. 

(7) Kenneth Mitchell has acted in films like Miracle (2004) and Home Of The Giants (2006). He has also guest starred in television shows like NCIS: Los Angeles, Grimm, The Mentalist, Castle, Criminal Minds, Lie To Me, and Ghost Whisperer. 

Poster from the website TVpedia with screen grabs from the show.

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