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Beauty And The Beast: Episode 1x09 - Bridesmaid Up! (2012)

Created by: Sherri Cooper and Jenifer Levin

Network: The CW

Cast: Kristin Kreuk (1), Jay Ryan (2), Max Brown (3), Austin Basis, Nina Lisandrello, Brian White (4), Sendhil Ramamurthy (5), Nicole Anderson (6), and Rachel Skarsten (7)

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Episode 9 - Bridesmaid Up!

Like Catherine Chandler, I am 30 and single. While I don't have a beast waiting in the wings for me like she does, I can totally understand her feelings when being cornered like that about bringing a date to the wedding. (Reminds me of the film The Wedding Date) And hey! What's wrong with using a match maker. (No I don't use a match maker, but if and when I'm serious about dating again, I might go see one, or two, or three.) 

Now I'm glad that for most of episode 9, the audience was given a chance to enjoy Vincent and Catherine's growing attraction and budding romance before they burst that bubble with a beastly problem and Catherine being hit by a car then shot by a crazy match maker. Can't these two catch a break? And looking at the promo trailers for episode 10 it looks like another problem in the form of Vincent's ex-fiancee. But let's leave that problem for when it returns January 24th. 

Episode 9 is mostly about love, commitment, and marriage. And it shows when Catherine stands firm in regards to who Vincent is to her and where they stand in the relationship department. I love watching them have fun and joking about the huge elephant in the room. 

JT has less involvement in this episode but when he's in the scene he nails it every time. I love the exchanges he has with both Vincent about his prom date and possible girlfriend as well as when he sticks his nose into Vincent and Catherine's investigation process although he claims to disapprove of it. And once again, JT references a pop culture when he says "Looking for Watson?". You know, I'm starting to think he stays home to watch television and DVDs way too much. Sounds like me. Hey maybe JT can be my fake boyfriend too! =) 

Okay, January 24th please come quickly. And will you please give the audience a bigger bone to chew on with regards to their romance. We're all salivating to bread crumbs here. We need more meat! Actually, we want both steak and chicken. We want them to get together, but we don't want them FINALLY getting together to mean the end of the series too, cos right now it feels like it has to be a choice between the two. What a dilemma! 

Come on... admit it. These four combined are pretty scary!
You'd lie about having a boyfriend too when faced with them.
Paige: Are you using Sabrina Meyer?
Heather: Who's Sabrina Meyer?
Paige: She's the famous match maker!
Heather: You're using a match maker?
Catherine: No I don't need a match maker.
Brooke's Friend: But if you don't have somebody to take to this wedding...
Paige: Brooke knows all the cutest guys...
Brooke: At least let me sit you with the singles' table.
Catherine: I am happy to sit with Heather...
Brooke: Heather is going with her boyfriend.
Brooke's Friend: So you're going to be sitting alone, directing the cater waiter on who's having chicken or steak...
Paige: And weddings can be torture by yourself...
Brooke: That's it! I'm changing your table.
Catherine: No! I have someone in my life.
Heather: You do?
Brooke: Who is he?
Paige: What does he do?
Catherine: He is a doctor.
Heather: Whoa wait! You're dating a doctor?
Brooke: And why aren't you bringing him to the wedding?
Catherine: It is too early in the relationship for me to bring him to a wedding...
Brooke: Oh please... It's just a big party...
Paige: Yeah...
Heather: It's not like I'm in love with Josh...
Brooke: I am getting him a place setting. What is his name?
Catherine: No Brooke, really... You don't have to...
Brooke: Look your dad's been really nervous about how you're handling this whole wedding thing it could be really nice for him to see you there with someone. 
Paige: Tell us his name...
Heather: Yeah come on Cat, bride's maid up.
Catherine: His name's Vincent Zalanski.

Vincent: Hit me. Here, take the stun gun just in case. You hit me, nothing happens then maybe I can go out and…
JT: Oh my God! You think you’re cured? Because your DNA is what it is.
Vincent: I know, I know, but maybe, maybe I have more control now. Catherine’s dad’s wedding is this weekend… she wants me to go.
JT: Clearly your new lease on life has landed you in lala land.
Vincent: Maybe, but we won’t know until you try. I’m the reason you don’t have a girlfriend…
JT: I have a girlfriend, or at least I’m on my way to having one.
Vincent: Yeah, actually I saw her picture online she is hot. You know maybe I’ll sleep with her too.
JT: Too?
Vincent: Your prom date, Jill Macmanahan… she was spectacular.
JT: Nice try.
Vincent: Come on man. JT! Come on, okay, you know what, thanks, because now I’m more pissed than if you actually hit me and look… nothing… I’m fine. I’m okay. I know it’s a dumb test but I passed. I passed!

Sabrina: Are you promiscuous?
Catherine: I don’t have time to be promiscuous.
Sabrina: Hahaha you’re funny. Don’t be too funny. Men don’t like that. The reason that I ask is… there’s no sex on the first 3 dates. You break the rules; you’re out, no refunds. Men don’t like whores. And I need you to fill out a profile, no padding your resume or your bra size.
Catherine: And then I can get a guy as great as your husband?
(Sabrina smiles)

"So I'm your boyfriend now?"
Catherine: (Her cellphone rings and Catherine picks it up) Hi.
Vincent: So I’m your boyfriend now?
Catherine: I did not say boyfriend, she misinterpreted. And this is starting to become a habit.
Vincent: So sounds like I’m going to a wedding.
Catherine: Uh… that was just a dumb reflex.
Vincent: It’s okay you don’t have to explain.
Catherine: No, I’m going to get out of it. I’m going to tell them at rehearsal dinner tonight, which I have to get ready for.
Vincent: Oh okay. Yeah.
Catherine: Oh oh… we found a body. Yeah there was a guy in a steam room.
Vincent: You know, maybe you don’t have to get out of it.
Catherine: The wedding? You know what, you might be right. Mr Blood On His Hands is married to a matchmaker; she said she’d find me someone for the wedding. She doesn’t realise that I am trying to arrest her husband for murder.
Vincent: Er… Okay maybe I could go with you. Everyone thinks I’m coming anyway.
Catherine: Vincent, I was kidding before.
Vincent: But I’m not. Er… look, I did a test today. It wasn’t a scientific test, but in Med School, you learn that if a patient says that they feel better, then they’re usually right, doesn’t matter what the test shows. And I feel better. Much better.
Catherine: But are you going to risk all of that because I don’t want to go to a wedding alone?
Vincent: It doesn’t feel like a risk.
Catherine: Vincent, there are going to be 150 people there, drunk people.
Vincent: Yeah, I’m not going to hurt anyone.
Catherine: No, no. I’m… I’m just concerned about you. What if you’re exposed? I mean, let’s say you are better, what about your identity? You have been working for years to fly under the radar and then you’re going to introduce yourself to a bunch of people from all over the place. And what about my dad? You’re gonna talk to him about your fake life in Denver? And then what? Then you’re Vincent Zalanski to him forever. It’s not fair to you.
Vincent: I can handle being Vincent Zalanski, forever.
Catherine: But if anything bad ever happened to you because I didn’t want to go to a wedding alone, I will never be able to forgive myself. Thank you. But I cannot let you do this for me.
Vincent: Okay.

Catherine’s dad: No no, you’re taking him.
Catherine: But…
Catherine’s dad: What’s the problem? You think it’s too fast? He’ll be in the pictures and what if it doesn’t work out.
Catherine: That’s just it.
Catherine’s dad: Honey you’re thinking too much. Ever since your mum died. The same thing happened to me. When I first met Brooke. I kept thinking of all the reasons that it couldn’t work. I’m too old. She’s too young. Your mother. Then I just realised, what am I waiting for?
Catherine: And here you are.
Catherine’s dad: Right. Proof there’s no reward without the risk. So you’re taking him. Besides, now I can enjoy my wedding not worrying about you. 

He's curious about the cases they work on...
Come on JT, admit it you enjoy all this detective stuff. =P
JT: Looking for Watson?
Catherine: Hey JT!
JT: What I want to know is when is he getting on the payroll? Cos he's living on my salary even though he's doing your job.
Catherine: Okay what is he talking about?
Vincent: I figured if I can't be your fake boyfriend, then maybe I can be your fake er... detective.
Catherine: You went to my crime scene?
Vincent: It's bogus.
Catherine: A resort in Kuwait. This must be what Neal was talking to his lawyer about. Here's the thing he, alibied out. That was what I came to tell you.
JT: Maybe it wasn't blood on him, it was that paint you were looking at.
Vincent: JT it was blood!
Catherine: Okay wait, what paint?
Vincent: I found some red particles on the floor, it was paint... It just...
Paige: Look you just seal them with nail polish. I do it with all of my shoes.
Catherine: Unless it was red polish on the sole of somebody's designer shoe.
Vincent: I'm lost.
Catherine: Okay, so let's say that Drake found out that Neal was going to expose him, he told his wife whose livelihood depends on his reputation, she takes matters into her own hands, she kills Neal, panics, so her husband comes over and cleans up the evidence.
Vincent: Which is why the blood was on him. (Catherine looks intently at Vincent) What?
Catherine: You're not fake. You're the real thing. (Phone rings) Chandler. Sabrina! Hi no, I just answer my phone like that sometimes. (to Vincent) It's her. (to Sabrina) Er... No I didn't get a chance to fill out the entire thing. Oh you did? (to Vincent) She found a date for me for the wedding. (to Sabrina) No he sounds great, but I'm gonna go alone. Yes I will be in touch, very soon, I promise. Kind of bummed she's our killer. Now my dad's going to have to worry about me the entire wedding because I cannot find someone to go with me.
Vincent: Okay, JT do you still have your tux? 
Catherine: Vincent...
JT: No, you're not going.
Vincent: No, it's not for me. You are going to take Catherine to her father's wedding.
Catherine: What?
JT: What?
Vincent: Your dad wants to see you with someone, JT has a PhD, he cleans up pretty nice, so he can be your fake boyfriend. No strings, no risk.
Catherine: Food will be good.
JT: Alright I'm in.

"What!?" This part made me laugh so hard.
Love the expressions on their faces! It's hilarious.
JT's rolling his eyes, while Catherine's not too thrilled or sure about the idea. 
"This is about me." While I don't condone him reading Catherine's profile,
Vincent look so silly happy here realising that she's describing him.

There so many bits of this scene that I love, but I pick this shot. =P
It was a close fight between this and...
... this. I just couldn't resist posting this shot. 

Catherine: Okay come on.
Vincent: Hey, what are you doing? Hey, hey, hey, hey, I didn't come here to hide. I'm here because I want to be. Beside I did my Denver research, got my story down.
Catherine: Yeah...
Vincent: What?
Catherine: I confessed. I told them that there is no Vincent Zalanski.
Vincent: Oh...
Catherine: It doesn't matter. My dad he is so happy, who cares if people think that I don't have a plus one.
Vincent: Hey I am standing right here. At least introduce me to people you didn't confess to.
Catherine: I don't think I need to. I think that I lied because I feel like I do have someone in my life. And it wasn't that I want to show him off it's just that I wanted him to be here. But there are things about you that neither of us can change so...
Vincent: So it wasn't really a lie then? You just got his last name wrong.
Catherine: And his hometown.
Vincent: Well... You know, he is hungry.
Catherine: Oh, steak or chicken.
Vincent: Surprise me.
Catherine: Ok.

"Steak or chicken?" Catherine looks so adorable here. 

My favourite quotes: "Hi, for those who don't know me I'm Catherine Chandler, urm, I'm my dad's daughter, his oldest daughter... Urm... Okay I wrote this speech like a week ago and seeing the way that my dad and Brooke look at each other sums up more than these four pages can. Urm... You know the funny thing is that, Brooke and my dad shouldn't even be together. No, it's true, you know. For starters they are complete opposites, and not to mention she is a Mets fan, so I don't how they're gonna deal with that. And there's the age difference. And for a lot of people that would have held them back, especially given everything we've been through. Not that being with Brooke is a risk, it's not. She's... she is amazing. But it's just, being in any relationship it's that, it's a, it's a risk. It's accepting that there are no guarantees. I mean who knows what the future brings and going for it anyway. Even if she is a vegan and he eats cheese burgers, so to my dad and Brooke, for jumping in. You guys are an inspiration, especially to me."

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(1) Kristen Kreuk has acted in the television movie Snow White (2001) and films like Eurotrip (2004), and Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li (2009). She has also acted in television series Edgemont (2001-2005), and played Lana Lang in Smallville (2001-2009).

(2) Jay Ryan has guest starred in television series like Young Hercules, Xena: Warrior Princess, Legend Of The Seeker, and Terra Nova. He played Jack Scully in the Australian television soap Neighbours (2002-2005) and in the New Zealand dramedy Go Girls (2009-2012).

(3) Max Brown was a series regular on the television series The Tudors (2008-2010), and Spooks (2010-2011).

(4) Brian White has acted in films like The Family Stone (2005), Stomp The Yard (2007), The Game Plan (2007), Fighting (2009), and The Cabin In The Woods (2012). He has also guest starred in television shows like The Shield, Football Wives, Moonlight, CSI: Miami, and Body Of Proof. 

(5) Sendhil Ramamurthy is known for playing the role of Mohinder Suresh in the television series Heroes (2006-2010) and has guest starred in shows like Psych, Covert Affairs, CSI: Miami, and The Office. 

(6) Nicole Anderson is known for playing the role of Macy Misa in the television series Jonas L.A. and as Kelly Parker in the series Make It Or Break It. She also guest starred in television shows like Zoey 101, Hannah Montana, Happy Endings, and Ringer. She also acted in the film Mean Girls 2 (2011).

(7) Rachel Skarsten plays the reoccurring role of Natalie Braddock in the fourth season of Flashpoint (2011).

Poster from the website Disney Dreaming & screen grabs from the show

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