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Beauty And The Beast: Episode 1x07 - Out Of Control (2012)

Created by: Sherri Cooper and Jenifer Levin

Network: The CW

Cast: Kristin Kreuk (1), Jay Ryan (2), Max Brown (3), Austin Basis, Nina Lisandrello, Brian White (4), Sendhil Ramamurthy (5), and Nicole Anderson (6)

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Episode 7 - Out Of Control

Another one of those episodes in which JT has the nicest lines. And it was cool to see JT handle a gun! I am very protective of my friends, so watching the scene when JT stands up for Vincent when Catherine asks him to help her save Evan was my favourite part of episode 7. 

So far, this is my least favourite episode of the season. And this might stem from the fact that it really seems impossible for Catherine and Vincent to be together. And just when they both admitted how they feel about each other. Dang it! Their relationship has a lot of problems, these two have a serious case of the Romeo and Juliet star-crossed-lovers syndrome that I don't appreciate. But then I remember, that's what makes it worth it isn't it? When they FINALLY get together, it will be the biggest 'Aww' moment ever, like when Lois Lane finally finds out about Clark Kent being Superman and them getting married etc. 

However, I am concerned for the series. How long is the audience going to accept this on again, off again romance before they get fed up and give up totally? Every time these two seem to have fixed a problem, another one comes up! Even if they're not tired, the audience might get tired. But this is a series about their love story, how can you not have this on and off thing with them when the story IS based on their romance and how they overcome the odds. Sigh, what a conundrum. 

I love that JT can be so bad ass if he needs to be.

Vincent: You don't need it.

JT: Tell that to my vertebrae and the concrete wall that realigned them.
Vincent: I didn't.
JT: You did. You didn't know what you were doing, so no guilt, but I mean, toss me across the room like a sack of flour once shame on you... 
Vincent: I'm so sorry, are you okay?
JT: I'll live, but these terminator episodes take things to a whole new level
Loved how JT stood up for Vincent,
his expression in this scene was awesome!
JT: You forgot to turn on the security? What's the point?
Catherine: Vincent I need you. Someone took Evan.
JT: The guy from her birthday?
Catherine: Yes.
JT: The one you kissed?
Vincent: JT...
JT: Just clarifying. 
Catherine: He's gone. I need you to come with me.
JT: I don't think that's a good idea. 
Catherine: He may have been taken to the tunnels under campus. 
Vincent: The abandoned rail line. Why there?
Catherine: He's recreating old killings. Vincent, he's recreating yours, from the night you saved me at the subway. You know the underbelly of this city better than anyone. You might be my only hope of finding Evan before its too late. 
JT: Why am I always outnumbered? Fine, if you're gonna go into dark tunnels with this guy alone, you're gonna need this. 
Not happy. Not happy at all with Catherine. Tsk tsp!
Catherine: How is he?
JT: Been better. So, just out of curiosity, when you were armed with a loaded tranq gun that would have prevented exactly what happened in the tunnel, why not use it?
Catherine: Look, Vincent was my only hope of saving Evan, I took a chance.
JT: You may have saved Evan, but you didn't think about the price Vincent would pay. He put himself in there. Got it ready years ago, in case he ever needed containment.
Catherine: No you can't keep him in that. 
JT: He's dangerous, if he's not in control of himself, somebody needs to be.
Vincent: You shouldn't be here.
Catherine: We are going to figure out a way to fix this. I'm getting you out of here. Give me the key.
JT: That might be a little harder than it seems. We retraced Vincent's steps and looked at what's triggering his blackouts, the night he was going to dinner, where he was headed near that campus, who he heard coming up the stairs when he blacked out in here yesterday. 
Vincent: It's you. 

My favourite quote: "I know how easy it is to see the beast when there is none."

(1) Kristen Kreuk has acted in the television movie Snow White (2001) and films like Eurotrip (2004), and Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li (2009). She has also acted in television series Edgemont (2001-2005), and played Lana Lang in Smallville (2001-2009).

(2) Jay Ryan has guest starred in television series like Young Hercules, Xena: Warrior Princess, Legend Of The Seeker, and Terra Nova. He played Jack Scully in the Australian television soap Neighbours (2002-2005) and in the New Zealand dramedy Go Girls (2009-2012).

(3) Max Brown was a series regular on the television series The Tudors (2008-2010), and Spooks (2010-2011).

(4) Brian White has acted in films like The Family Stone (2005), Stomp The Yard (2007), The Game Plan (2007), Fighting (2009), and The Cabin In The Woods (2012). He has also guest starred in television shows like The Shield, Football Wives, Moonlight, CSI: Miami, and Body Of Proof. 

(5) Sendhil Ramamurthy is known for playing the role of Mohinder Suresh in the television series Heroes (2006-2010) and has guest starred in shows like Psych, Covert Affairs, CSI: Miami, and The Office. 

(6) Nicole Anderson is known for playing the role of Macy Misa in the television series Jonas L.A. and as Kelly Parker in the series Make It Or Break It. She also guest starred in television shows like Zoey 101, Hannah Montana, Happy Endings, and Ringer. She also acted in the film Mean Girls 2 (2011).

Poster from the website Disney Dreaming & screen grabs from the show

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