Friday, March 29, 2013

The Script (Live @ Singapore Indoor Stadium)

I've always liked the architecture of the Singapore Indoor Stadium.
What an awesome night! Watching The Script live in concert was mind blowing. I may get flogged by many for saying this, but personally, I think The Script beat Lady Gaga's concert hands down. (Although it's probably cos I'm more of a Script fan than a Lady Gaga fan.)

No distractions or theatrics. 3 LED panels, 2 huge screens and a stage. That's all The Script had, and needed, to give their Singapore fans something to scream about. It all boiled down to pure musical entertainment and simple interaction with the audience. 

Local band The UnXpected opened the concert for The Script and their first as yet untitled song was really catchy and upbeat. It's a song I'd definitely look out for when they finally name the song. The other songs they sang like Thunder was nice, but I felt it was a little too slow for my liking. Especially in terms of getting the crowd hyped up. I wish they sang more songs like the first one. But still, lead vocalist Shirlyn Tan has a great voice and the songs had a pretty decent tune. Can't say too much about the lyrics as the music was a little too loud.

* Check out The UnXpected's Facebook page here. At the moment, they play at Wala on Thursdays and Saturdays and at Sky Loft on Fridays. 

Pretty lights to set the mood.

A lighting designer's heaven...

Although the ticket stub said 8pm, it was closer to 9pm when The Script finally took to the stage. I expected to wait, but not that long! However, all that is forgotten the minute the band walks onto stage. Right from the start of the concert, I knew it was going to be a night of pretty lights and soulful music. Most of the songs that I love was performed during the concert and it was fun singing along with The Script and the rest of the crowd at the Indoor Stadium. The crowd really helped make the concert an unforgettable one. Everyone sang along, swayed along, and screamed. A lot. They sung their big hits like The Man Who Can't Be Moved, Six Degrees Of Separation, Breakeven, For The First Time, Nothing, If You Could See Me Now, Science & Faith, and of course Hall Of Fame.

The Man Who Can't Be Moved is the song that put them on my radar so when they sang it acoustically, I was floored and very very happy. And I knew that the song If You Could See Me Now was a tribute to Danny O'Donoghue's father and guitarist Mark Sheehan's parents so it gave me a context that helped me appreciate the song so much more. That, and the fact that the lyrics always reminds me of my grandmother. 

Spotlight on guitarist Mark Sheehan.

The night was all about pretty light displays and awesome music!

There were many high points during the concert. My favourite moment was when the band members each started drinking a bottle of beer and talked about drunk calling. Then Danny O'Donoghue asked the audience in the mosh pit to call their ex on the phone. When one of the calls got connected, he took the phone and started to sing to the person on the other line. Someone called Elaine. Lucky girl! Though I wonder if she hung up even before the song ended. Does anyone know? LOL! I guess it's something I might never find out. The mention of Danny's habit of drunk calling is not new, but I haven't seen any videos of him actually singing to someone on the phone while singing that song. Yet. Maybe after tonight's concert there'll be videos of that.

I know it's not a very clear shot, but if you look more closely, Danny is
holding onto the phone that he borrowed from a member of the audience.

The audience sitting at the right side of the stage had a real treat when Danny O'Donoghue turned up at the top of the stairs and ran down from the top back to the stage. It was probably planned for already, but I couldn't help but feel sorry for the security personnel who had to fend off the fans when he did that. Still, I think it was a really nice thing that they did for the fans who were at the side. 

Danny O'Donoghue went close to the audience to interact with them quite often during the concert, even guitarist Mark Sheehan went towards the audience area once. Although I wasn't one of those who managed to get really close to them or shake their hand etc., I think those in front really appreciated their attempts to connect with their fans. In fact, I think plenty of Irish nationals attended the concert. I saw an Irish flag being held up by someone in the mosh pit area. Pity I didn't think to take a photo of that at the time. 

Like constellations in the night sky.
That's what the lights on the LED panels remind me of.

The Eclectic Reviewer thinks.... All in all, The Script gave me a night to remember, and I'm eagerly waiting for them to come back to Singapore!

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  1. you and me both. What a great band and awesome concert!

    1. Indeed! I'm eagerly anticipating their next album too! =) Hope you were one of the lucky ones who got to shake Danny's hand on the right side or at the mosh pit. =)