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Flashpoint: Episode 1x08 - Never Kissed A Girl (2008)

Created by: Mark Ellis & Stephanie Morgenstern

Cast: Enrico Colantoni (1), Hugh Dillon (2), Amy Jo Johnson (3), Sergio Di Zio (4), David Paetkau (5), Michael Cram, and Mark Taylor

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Episode 8 - Never Kissed A Girl

"But he's blind man, so what? So is justice right?"

- Runaway Jury

Justice. I wrote a review on the film Runaway Jury in January and remembered the above quote about how justice is blind. This episode kinda reminds me of that. It's one of those cases where you find yourself secretly rooting for the guy holding the gun even though you know his methods is wrong you can't help but feel for the guy. This episode also ties in with the very first episode of Flashpoint and Ed being sued is one of the side effects of the job. It also does a good job of continuing to show how the job affects the team members. I also like that although their livelihood involved death and guns, the team understands that "a gun never solved anything"

Ed: Are you kidding me? A guy walks into a building, shoots a woman dead, holds another woman hostage, turns his gun on you, I do what I'm hired and trained to do. Come on! 

Greg: I know, that's the truth of what happened nobody doubts that.
Ed: Somebody does! Somebody does! That's... You know.
Greg: Yeah, the guy's son. Everybody grieves in their own way, right, you know that. They look for somebody to blame.
Ed: Well look no further.

Michael: I spent 11 years in there wondering what happened. How somebody could get on the stand and say that I said things that I didn't even know. Ian if we don't appeal...

Ian: Michael! Come on. You're young, you're 26, you got early parole. You got your whole life, you're free. 
Michael: No I'm not free Ian. Okay. As long as they think I killed Katie, her family, my family, everyone I ever met, everyone I ever knew. I'd never be free.
Ian: I can't help you.

Greg: Parker here. 
Ed: Boss, hey, it's me. Yeah, I... I'm in a stairwell off a... off a third floor with a young man... what's your name? 
Michael: Forget my name! Ask about Cheznik! 
Greg: Young man? What are you saying, Ed? Are you telling me you're with the subject now? 
Ed: Yup. 
Greg: Okay. Hang tight, we're right outside the building. 
Ed: We're looking for a... for a... for a prosecutor named Dan Cheznik. 
Greg: You got your gun, Ed? 
Ed: No, no, no. It's... it's C-H-E... 
Greg: Are you telling me that he's got you at gunpoint? 
Ed: That's right, yeah. We just need a location for the young man and the lady here. 
Greg: Okay, he's got a hostage? 
Ed: Correct. 
Greg: Do you want the team on immediate action plan? Just give me "yes." 
Ed: No... no, no. He's a prosecutor. 
Greg: Okay, just stay on the line with me, Ed. 
Michael: Tell him you'll call him back. 
Ed: Boss, I'm gonna have to call you back. 

Greg: Okay. (to the team) Stairwell off the third floor. Guy's got 2 hostages, one's a young woman.
Jules: How do we know?
Greg: Cos Ed's the second hostage. Guys he doesn't have his gun with him.
Lou: Oh no.

Spike is so sweet and funny in this scene... 

Greg: Okay, subject is in the corridor, seconds away.
Sam: Spike. Let's go.
Spike: Okay. Hey! No! Up!
Greg: They're at the door.
Spike: Up! You can't be here. 
Old Lady: I'm scared. I'm...
Greg: 5 seconds.
Spike: Come on. Go...
Michael: You don't get it do you. I have nothing left. I'm not afraid to use this. I will kill you both, leave you both dying here. I do not care anymore.
Spike: Okay come here. That's it. Come.
Greg: Come on buddy, just buy us a minute here. Buy us a minute. 

Wordy: He came into the courthouse with a gun looking for you and you have no idea who he is?

Dan: That could be anyone. You remember every bad guy you've arrested?
Wordy: Any idea why he'd go after you?
Dan: Sure. Same reason I live in a bunker, drive home in an armored car. I'm a prosecutor who does his job well.
Wordy: Just so you know, that's my team mate staring down the long end of this guy's gun, so I'd appreciate it if you think real hard about this. Let's start over. Any hate mail recently? Any threatening phone calls?

Michael: Charged me as an adult but I was 15 when they put me away. Never finished high school, never had a job, never kissed a girl. I don't know anything about anything but I know what happened that day and I know I didn't kill Katie.
Spike: Okay Boss we're on the back roof, we should be at the vent soon.
Greg: Copy that.
Ed: Why don't you tell me about her? What was she like?
Michael: She was amazing. Incredible smile. She didn't have to be but she was nice to everybody. Didn't matter what kind of family you had, house you lived in. She just saw you. So I show up first day of school, you know I'm 12, the only black kid in class, it's like they'd never seen it before. Now kids are whispering, they're moving their desks, and I'm feelin' like I want to fall into a hole and disappear. But she comes right over, she sits beside me, smiles and tells me we're gonna be friends. And just like that we're friends.
Dan: She was raped. Dumped in the woods. Tied her ankles. Tied her wrists. Slit her throat. Covered her face with a t-shirt. Couldn't stand to see what he'd done.
Michael: Just like that, best friends. 3 years. 3 years we were best friends until I fell in love with her.
Dan: All the evidence pointed to Michael. She was killed with a knife, he had a knife that fit the specs. She was raped before she was killed, well, we knew from Michael's friends that he had said he wanted more from Katie.
Ed: Did Katie feel the same way?
Michael: I don't know. The day I told her, we rode to the park. She was sitting on the back of my bike, I was swerving, she was laughing, we were having such a great time. Just being together, just us. It was a perfect day. And then I just said it. I told her I loved her.

Sam: Bravo team in position. Frosted windows, limited joy.
Greg: Standby, we're 5 minutes away. 
Wordy: That one's Ed, can see the cuffs.
Sam: I've got the suspect, I can take him right now.
Wordy: We don't fire on a thermal image. We need to see the guy for real. Okay. Boss calls Scorpio, first shot's mine on the glass. You're a split second later on the subject as soon as you confirmed it's him.
Sam: Copy that.

"A gun never solved anything"
Michael: In prison I went over a lot of things. But there was this one thing that I kept asking myself over and over, I asked myself why Katie didn't want me to drop her at home that day. Why she wanted me to drop me at the corner. She didn't love me. She wanted me to drop her at the corner because she was meeting someone else. She had a date.
Ed: My God.
Michael: Whoever she was meeting, that's who killed her. It had to be. I promised her, first time I went to her grave that I would prove I was innocent, not for me, but for her. So they'd start looking for him, whoever he is, and justice would be done.
Ed: I promise you, we're gonna make sure that happens. And you're gonna get your appeal. Nobody dies today okay. That's it. 

Constable Michelangelo "Spike" Scarlatti

Sergeant Gregory "Greg" Parker 

Constable Samuel "Sam" Braddock

Constable Julianna "Jules" Callaghan

Constable Kevin "Wordy" James Wordsworth

Constable Edward "Ed" Tucker Lane

Constable Lewis "Lou" Young

My favourite quotes - "Stay cool. Slow him down. Put him on our time okay.", "Just put the gun down. Put the gun down and you take me instead okay. Take me instead.", & "A gun never solved anything believe me."

(1) Enrico Colantoni has acted in films like Stigmata (1999), Galaxy Quest (1999), and Contagion (2011). He has also played Veronica Mars' father Keith Mars in the television series Veronica Mars (2004-2007), and he has also guest starred in television series like Law & Order, NYPD Blue, 3rd Rock From The Sun, Monk, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Numb3rs, Brothers & Sisters, Bones, and Person Of Interest.

(2) Hugh Dillon has acted in films like Lone Hero (2002), and Assault On Precinct 13 (2005).

(3) Amy Jo Johnson has acted in films like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995), and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997). She played the role of Pink Power Ranger Kimberly Hart in the television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993-1995), and as Julie Emrick in the series Felicity (1998-2002). She also guest starred in television series like ER and Spin City.

(4) Sergio Di Zio has acted in films like National Lampoon's Senior Trip (1995), and Just Buried (2007). 

(5) David Paetkau has acted in films like Final Destination 2 (2003), I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer (2006), Goon (2011), and Man Of Steel (2013). He has goest starred in television series like Smallville, Stargate SG-1, CSI: Miami, Supernatural, and Dexter.

Posters are from the website TVpedia with screen grabs from the show.

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