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Beauty And The Beast: Episode 1x04 - Basic Instinct (2012)

Created by: Sherri Cooper and Jenifer Levin

Network: The CW

Cast: Kristin Kreuk (1), Jay Ryan (2), Max Brown (3), Austin Basis, Nina Lisandrello, Brian White (4), Sendhil Ramamurthy (5), and Nicole Anderson (6)

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Episode 4 - Basic Instinct

Hmm, I just realised that what I love most about this series is the relationship between Vincent and Catherine. And this episode, their relationship sort of hit a snag. Previously, Catherine would follow her instincts and no-questions-asked put her faith in Vincent. However, in episode 4, her faith is questioned and she has real doubts for the first time. 

Although it wasn't my favourite episode because their "relationship" didn't seem to be going so well, but I think it was necessary. We all doubt that our decisions or feelings about someone is wrong, that is natural, and I guess it has to happen sometime. I think this episode made Murifield more real than before, we are given more hints as to what Vincent has done, what Murifield's connection to Vincent is (as revealed in the cryptic line from Vincent "I'm ready to come back"), and the fact that Catherine's mum IS connected to Murifield. 

One thing though, I loved how Catherine and JT had to work together to "save" Vincent. I think that's one other relationship in the show worth exploring. 

Poor guy - "The world can think the worst of me,
but it hurts the most when it's you who thinks that way."
Vincent: You're afraid of me. Last night I thought it was Muirfield, but it was me.
Catherine: Understand that I am a cop, I put people like you away.
Vincent: You're trying to decide if I belong in a cage.

It's so sweet that he tries to protect JT and Catherine by giving himself up.
Catherine: Anything?
JT: No it just rings. He left this.
Catherine: Proof I existed?
JT: Insurance. In case something happens to us I'm supposed to send it out to the world.
Catherine: I had their phone number.
JT: And you lost it?
Catherine: I left it in my apartment, he probably took it.
JT: Great! Now what do we do?
Catherine: I couldn't see the plates on the SUV, there was no address at the warehouse. My car! (Catherine digs through her bag and pulls out a tube of foundation)
JT: Make-up? Now? Really?
Catherine: I need chalk. There was another agent, he drove my car, he must have left prints. All we need to do is lift them, send them through the system, track his phone, and then we're there.
JT: He'll be dead by then.
Catherine: Do you have a better idea?

I love her kick ass stunts! Plus it's nice seeing JT & Catherine
working together to "rescue" Vincent. I had a kick out of seeing JT
wield a bat and go after one of the agents. I like that JT ain't no wimp.
JT: Seriously how long does it take to match a fingerprint?
Catherine: We just sent it in.
JT: Call the CSI guy again.
Catherine: CSU! CSI is a TV show.

JT: What the hell was he thinking? After everything we've been through, after everything we've done.

Catherine: You ever afraid of him?
JT: What?
Catherine: That he's going to hurt you.
JT: No. I've known him my whole life. I mean, it freaks me out when he's like that, but he'd never hurt me.
Catherine: How do you know? 
JT: I just know. (Catherine's phone rings) We got him?
Catherine: Just a second. (Catherine types a number into the computer)
JT: I'm having a heart attack... I'm having a heart attack right now!
Catherine: Okay we got him, let's go.
JT: Still gonna have a heart attack.

Dating (sort of) the old fashioned way. I love it!
Vincent: Game ball.
Catherine: You were there?
Vincent: It was a nice home run.
Catherine: This isn't a typical situation. I'm used to things being black and white and this is just... it's grey. The things you've done...
Vincent: I hate myself for them...
Catherine: I know that, and I know that you can't control it, and that you have a good heart... but I'm gonna have questions.
Vincent: Look, for the first time in a long long while, I felt like new things are possible for me. But Catherine, the way that you looked at me in the park that night, everything came crashing back. The reality of what I am and what I have done. The idea that you and JT are paying the price for it, that you are collateral damage because of me. That is why I gave myself in.
Catherine: You know that first night we met, in the woods. I knew that you would never hurt me. That was my gut. I'm sticking with that.
Vincent: I wish this was easier.
Catherine: Yeah. I do too.

My favourite line: "CSU! CSI is a TV show."

(1) Kristen Kreuk has acted in the television movie Snow White (2001) and films like Eurotrip (2004), and Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li (2009). She has also acted in television series Edgemont (2001-2005), and played Lana Lang in Smallville (2001-2009).

(2) Jay Ryan has guest starred in television series like Young Hercules, Xena: Warrior Princess, Legend Of The Seeker, and Terra Nova. He played Jack Scully in the Australian television soap Neighbours (2002-2005) and in the New Zealand dramedy Go Girls (2009-2012).

(3) Max Brown was a series regular on the television series The Tudors (2008-2010), and Spooks (2010-2011).

(4) Brian White has acted in films like The Family Stone (2005), Stomp The Yard (2007), The Game Plan (2007), Fighting (2009), and The Cabin In The Woods (2012). He has also guest starred in television shows like The Shield, Football Wives, Moonlight, CSI: Miami, and Body Of Proof. 

(5) Sendhil Ramamurthy is known for playing the role of Mohinder Suresh in the television series Heroes (2006-2010) and has guest starred in shows like Psych, Covert Affairs, CSI: Miami, and The Office. 

(6) Nicole Anderson is known for playing the role of Macy Misa in the television series Jonas L.A. and as Kelly Parker in the series Make It Or Break It. She also guest starred in television shows like Zoey 101, Hannah Montana, Happy Endings, and Ringer. She also acted in the film Mean Girls 2 (2011).

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